The Romantic Campsite and Pension opened its gate in 1989, thus historically it is the second, while - with its area of 4.5 hectares - dimensionally it is the biggest campsites of Bükfürdő. Since its opening we have had ample time to understand the requirements of our guests and to fully accommodate ourselves to them. We believe that we have all the beneficial features which attract the visitors to Bükfürdő.

Its aesthetically designed area fits harmonically to the idyllic and flowery public areas of the village, yet it is situated only 300 meters from the attractive hive of the spa. The campsite is situated on a flat area so it is ideal starting point for cycling tours, while the Kőszeg Mountains lying only half and hour drive away is a paradise for the hikers.

People who favour natural camping style may put up their tents or park their caravans here, while those wishing for more comfort can book the comfortable rooms of our pension and enjoy a vide variety of services (food-store, restaurant, hair stylist, etc.).

Like the Medical Spa of Bük itself the Romantik Campsite and Pension also offers its services to our guest all year long. The time you spent here offers memorable experiences for visitors of all interests and age-groups. Come and enjoy our services. Please, take a further look at our detailed offers.


Camping pricelist

Camping between 1/10 and 30/4Price HUFPrice EUR1
Adult2 4756,502
Child ( between 6 and 14 )1 6354,303
Caravan / bus2 7057,104
Tent1 9855,205
Car1 2953,406
Dog1 1052,908
Power / KW2050,559
Longterm reserving1 2953,4011
Camping between 1/5 and 30/9Price HUFPrice EUR1
Adult2 8557,502
Child ( between 6 and 14 )2 0155,303
Caravan / bus2 8557,504
Tent2 2055,805
Car1 5654,106
Dog1 1853,108
Power / KW2050,559
Longterm reserving1 7554,6011
TAX / person over 18 years: HUF 500.-

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Camping offer

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Between 6 and 14 year old.